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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hoodia or not, diet a day at a time
Changing my way of starting the day helped in loosing weight. First thing on waking up in the morning I used to think 'what am I going to eat/cook today', now I think 'what am I going to do today'. Like most women it is not difficult to know what it is that needs to be done - cleaning the house, catering for the cats(in my case) and my share of the garden - big deal. But try again; by breaking them up in small portions and alternating them, it makes it feel as if I do a lot and it is more interesting. I used to eat breakfast three times because I did not feel like picking up the broom and start sweeping. Now I do not start the day sweeping. I start the day with something I like and switch to sweeping later. To see my share of the garden click here.
You will divide your list as you please. I would suggest that those who want a spotless house should add it in their house-work as well as in their hobby group. Same for those hardcore gardeners.
Here is roughly what I do :- I go through my mind quickly what is routine and what is urgent, then I add my fun thingies to that list. I do a small portion of each and rotate it throughout the day.  You need not spring-clean the whole house each day. Thorough cleaning of a room a day and tidy the rest is fine. Never worry when you can not do all you planned in that day. If the urgent things are first in line, then you relax while doing whatever you have time for the rest of the day. Once or so a week I add something that I have been putting off to do. e.g. not much can be changed with the breakfast ritual, so get that over with, then something in the garden, weed the aloes at the entrance to the house; something for the cat-children, clean the two AmericanCurl girl's room; make a new duvet for the Siamese girls (it took me 20 minutes in all to make it, but it was something I put off for months); one hour playing a computer game; it is only 11:00 am Round 2 start with the house work etc....
It takes longer to explain this routine than the actual planning and I am getting so good at it that I hardly notice my planning any more except that I am not thinking of eating first thing in the morning.
Every week I include something I have been putting off and add something I like (even if it is just 1-2 hours extra on a computer game). The one task that brings the most joy when done, is the one that has been put off for a long time. But nothing compares to a day when you were doing something that did not include eating.
Try it. Take it a day at a time.

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At October 25, 2007 , Blogger Julie said...

Hoodia is a very interesting looking succulent...I wonder if it would grow in South Florida...if I kept it covered from the rain...we certainly have direct sun and heat...a humid air so could water every 4 sounds like it would be fun to try!

At June 05, 2008 , Anonymous Pomona Belvedere said...

I didn't know hoodia was a succulent...that makes me more interested in growing it.

I liked your comments on changing the way you think about and arrange your day. I am going through some health problems and having to rearrange my life, it's helpful to read your upbeat-but-practical description of how you're doing that.

At August 01, 2010 , Blogger ericat said...

I doubt if spammers read anything on the site, but if you happen to read this - I remove all comment from sites selling diet tablets.


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